Sale WebHook

First of all, you need to setup your sale web hook URL(key, value) in paybull merchant panel at . To get this feature, merchant needs to send sale_webhook_key with invoice while sending purchase request. This key is optional but if sends, it must a valid key.

For each payment, we send a POST request to your sale web hook url with following parameters given below.

Type Parameters Sample Value
Key paybull_status 1
Key order_no 162754070457149
Key invoice_id 1627540702924
Key status_code 100
Key status_description Approved(21210JoDF14161)
Key paybull_payment_method 1
Key credit_card_no 450803**** 4509
Key transaction_type Auth
Key payment_status 1
Key payment_method 1
Key error_code 100
Key error Approved(21210JoDF14161)
Key status Completed
Key hash_key 4c63ed8a964ab9a3:f20f : WMnQTMI128rDslYQKRpJfQW0tuskVAwDlMA7Hlp84TbST6tqJo0zuM9U9Iu9lY6u
Key transaction_type “Auth” / ”Pre-Authorization”

KEY Explanation
payment_status payment_staus can be 1/0. 1=success, 0=fail
order_no Paybull order no
invoice_id merchant invoice id
status_code Paybull Status code, 100 Is success code
status_description Transaction explanation
transaction_type transaction_type == “Auth” //transaction amount Is deducted from the card instantly. transaction_type == “Pre-Authorization” transaction amount will be deducted from the card later.
payment_method 1= Credit Card, 2= Mobile, 3= Wallet
error_code The value of status_code parameter
error The value of status_description parameter
hash_key To Validate the request comes from Paybull

Validate Response

Condition 1 : payment_status == 1 and transaction_type == “Auth” // Transaction is successful and transaction amount is deducted from the card instantly.

Condition 2 : payment_status == 1 and transaction_type == “Pre-Authorization” //Process is successful and transaction amount will be deducted from the card later.

Condition 3 : payment_status == 0 //Transaction is failed

hash_key should be validated on the merchant side to confirm the request comes from Paybull. Also Order Status API confirms that the transaction is successful or Failed