Transaction Check Status

This service is used to get information about the transaction status.

Step 1 - After the transaction result is redirected to the success URL or failure URL, check the transaction status information by making a request to the api/checkstatus service.

Step 2 - If the status remains pending, repeat this every 15 minutes until you receive a Success (100) or Failed (41) return response to the status check service.

If you do not receive any return to the callback URL, you should make a request to this service to query the transaction status.

The HTTP method, Endpoint, Headers, and Request details are provided below.


Method API Endpoint Content-Type
POST /api/checkstatus application/json


Parameter Requirement Content-Type
Authorization Required Bearer
Accept Required application/json


Parameter Data Type Requirement Description
invoice_id string Required The unique invoice identifier for the initiated payment.
merchant_key string Required The unique Merchant Key obtained from PayBull.
include_pending_status boolean Optional To include pending transactions, send 1; to exclude, send 0.

Sample Codes


  "invoice_id" : "1678796307PAYBULL",
  "include_pending_status": true